What is the Mosolver™?

The Mosolver is an innovative servo motion actuator which infuses a position feedback sensor into the very structure of a high pole count AC motor. This eliminates the need for costly encoder and resolvers.

By combining the motor and resolver into a single package, the Mosolver enables a compact, inexpensive and robust closed-loop motion control.

Added sense coils within the motor allows for precise rotor position. Voltages are induced by the sense coils from a combination of the PWM current ripple and flux steering as a result of rotor and stator interaction.

The elimination of a separate feedback device reduces cost and size, eliminates alignment (and loss thereof) and greatly improves ruggedness of the system.

This invention is covered under one or more US patents US7,075,196, US7,508,154, US7,538,460, US7,723,942 and European patent EP 1 850 461 A1