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Application Notes

The following Application Notes document how to use QuickSilver's products and features to solve real world applications. See our Projects page to read about some of the interesting projects we have been used on over the years.

Note: ZIP files contain auxiliary files such as example source code.

Application Note

QCI-AN001 Homing Techniques

QCI-AN015 Using Digital Inputs for Program Selection

QCI-AN017 Eason HMI Operation

QCI-AN019 Electronic Gearing

QCI-AN020 Variable Torque Clutch

QCI-AN021 S-Curve Profile Using PMV

QCI-AN022 Visual Basic Serial Communications

QCI-AN023 Using Analog Inputs

QCI-AN025 Interpolated Control VC++ Make Circles

QCI-AN026 Red Lion HMI

QCI-AN028 Modbus TCP

QCI-AN029 Camming

QCI-AN031 Interpolated Motion Control - Standalone

QCI-AN032 Learn Position

QCI-AN034 Rotary Knife

QCI-AN035 LabVIEW Control

QCI-AN036 Data Acquisition With QuickControl

QCI-AN037 Data Acquisition Using Non-Volatile Memory

QCI-AN038 Modbus Protocol

QCI-AN039 Watchdog Timer

QCI-AN040 Optical Position Sensor - Sharp GP2D120XJ00F

QCI-AN041 Visual C++ Serial Communication

QCI-AN042 Record and Playback Motion

QCI-AN043 Visual Basic TCP-IP Communication

QCI-AN044 Visual C++ TCP-IP Communication

QCI-AN045 DMX512 Protocol

QCI-AN046 Indirect Addressing

QCI-AN047 Input Mode- Joystick

QCI-AN048 Register Files

QCI-AN050 Programmable Limit Switch



QCI-AN053 Panasonic HMI

QCI-AN054 Motor Temperature Sense and Control

QCI-AN055 3 Axis Pick And Place

QCI-AN056 X Y Joystick


QCI-AN058 Stand Alone With Digital I/O

QCI-AN059 Beijer HMI

CI-AN060 CiA402® CANopen® Drives And Motion Control Profile

QCI-AN061 SSI Port Interface

QCI-AN062 Wind/Unwind

QCI-AN063 Tighten

QCI-AN064 Visual C# Serial Communication

QCI-AN065 Label Applicator

QCI-AN066 BEI Voice Coil Motors with Analog Feedback

QCI-AN067 RC PWM Control

QCI-AN068 Transmotec DC Motor with Encoder Feedback

QCI-AN069 CiA® 402-CANopen Drives and Motion Control Profile for the SilverSterling