Repair Service Policy

 1. Warranty

See for warranty terms.

2. QuickSilver SilverMax™ Repair Services

If you have a QuickSilver product that requires repair, first contact us by phone or Email

Often, we can get you up and going again without having to actually return the unit. If it turns out that we need to do repair work on a unit, you must first obtain an RMA BEFORE sending us a unit. You must include a PO to cover the evaluation fee. We will contact you if repairs are needed before proceeding. If the repair is covered by warranty (see Warranty above), fees will be waived.

If no defect or other problem is found to exist, or if the customer elects not to repair the product, the evaluation fee will be charged;

The evaluation fee will be waived if a new unit is purchased.

Once a unit is evaluated, the customer will be notified of the problem, warranty status and the cost (if any).  QuickSilver shall provide this notice by telephone or by way of a Unit Repair Status written form, if requested by the customer.  Repairs shall be made only if authorized by the customer.


Unless otherwise provided in writing by QuickSilver, QuickSilver warrants all replaced components made under this warranty for a period of nine (9) months from the date the repair is completed or for the remainder of the original Warranty Period whichever is longer.


Any units for which the customer does not elect to either have returned (evaluation fee paid) or repaired (PO issued for repair) within 60 days of notice are considered surrendered and may be disposed of as at the discretion of QuickSilver Controls, Inc.