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Max is Back!

SilverMax™ Integrated Hybrid Servo Returns!

QuickSilver Controls, Inc is proud to announce the return of the SilverMax Integrated Hybrid Servo Motor Line to our 2016 product family. Powerful and durable, our Integrated Hybrid Servo Motors provide superior continuous torque at low speeds, transitioning to nearly constant power curves up to 4000 RPM and are very well suited to direct drive of lead screws and belt drives, typically eliminating the need for gear heads. Additionally, patented damping methods in our PVIA control system allows wide ranges of inertial mismatch without the need for notch filters or retuning.

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Meet Mosolver

The Mosolver™ is an innovative motion control solution which
combines a motor and resolver into a single package. The Mosolver
enables a compact, inexpensive, and robust true closed-loop
motion control eliminating the need for costly encoders.

Sense coils are added within the motor allows for precise rotor
position feedback. Sense coils induce voltages by intercepting
a portion of the flux used to operate the motor.

The elimination of a separate feedback device reduces cost
and size, eliminates alignment (and loss thereof) and greatly
improves ruggedness of the system.
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Servo Controllers and Servo Motors for Cost Effective Motion Control

Servo Motor Performance At Stepper Motor Prices can now be achieved with advanced yet cost-effective technology from QuickSilver Controls, Inc. For the past 17 years we have manufactured servo controllers and high torque brushless AC servo motors at stepper motor prices.

Be an Energy Hero in your Business

  • Save Energy (Save Money)
  • Reduce Waste. Close Loop means less Scrap (Save Money)
  • Reduce HVAC Load (Save Money)
  • Save the Earth (Preserve somewhere to spend money)

QuickSilver Controls products are efficient and run cooler than standard step drive motors and require 50% to 75% less energy to run. Less heat produced means lower HVAC. Smoother motion means longer fixture life.

QuickSilver products are durable. Lower Replacement costs! Good for everyone: Customers and Planet!

Servo Controllers

Servo Motors

What Makes QuickSilver Controls Different?

Our servo controllers convert traditional microstep motors into hybrid servo motors also known as closed loop stepper motors. What the industry commonly refers to as a “stepper motor” is, more accurately, a 2 phase, 100 pole, AC brushless motor. Our digital controllers use a four quadrant vector drive (similar to a variable frequency drive) to drive our 2 phase AC motors just like traditional servo motors are driven. Since we use servo motor control rather than microstep control, our motors are more efficient (run cooler) and do not stall like traditional micro stepper motors.

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Why Servo a Microstep Motor?

The servo market has made several transitions over the years. One of the more recent is a wider use of microstep capable step motors as primary movers in servo systems. This transition has been fueled by the growing availability of powerful Digital Signal Processors at affordable prices, as well as control algorithm development. These new step motor based servos include true servo motors using control algorithms which modulate motor torque to perform the requested motion, as well as pseudo servo motors which dynamically vary the step rate to prevent loss of steps.

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The QCI Advantage

  • More Torque for Less Money
  • High Accuracy & Precision
  • Power Savings/High Efficiency
  • High Inertial Loads (Eliminates Gearheads)
  • Anti-Hunt™: No Servo Dither
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Customer-Driven
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Success Stories

A brief list of our success stories. Download PDF for more details.

  • Anti-Lock Brake System Tester
  • Camera Positioning
  • Eye Scanner
  • Film Processing
  • Hard Drive Test/Assembly
  • Medical Sample Testing
  • Multiple Axis via Step and Direction
  • Pill Crusher
  • Precision Pumps
  • Rope/Wire Braiding
  • Wafer Handling
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OEM Markets

QuickSilver Controls Inc. (QCI) offers high-performance motion control products for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) market. We continuously apply our patented technology to solve new challenges in the fields of motion control and servo motor control.

Our high-torque servo motors, and matching servo controllers support OEM’s including:

  • Document/Paper Handling
  • Electronic Assembly and Testing
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Factory Automation
  • Food Processing
  • Labeling
  • Material Handling
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical
  • Military
  • Test and Measurement Equipment
  • Packaging
  • Pick and Place
  • Robotics
  • Semiconductor
  • Stepper motor Replacement
  • Tensioning Systems
  • Textile
  • Web Handlers