A catalog of videos demonstrating what you can move with our motion control products.

SilverMax Integrated Hybrid Servo

SilverMax servo swims with the “fishes”. Extreme testing against IP65 specification.

Robotic Dolphin

Robotic Dolphin in motion showing internal design control by QuickSilver Controls, Inc.

Equus CT Large Patient Scanner

The EquusCT from ARTEC IMAGING is a large animal patient positioning and CT scanning table.

Mosolver In a Linear Belt Application

Mosolver direct driving a Lintech belt driven linear actuator with a Red Lion HMI.

DMX Isn't Scary

QuickSilver Controls demonstrates using their products to show off using DMX protocol.

Quiet Operation

Quiet stepper motor operation using QuickSilver Controls’ SilverSterling™ controllers.

Engineering in Art

Motion Control so quiet it can be use din a museum piece.

Direct Drive - Belt

Direct drive (no gear box) servo system operating belt actuator with widely varying loads – no load up to 25 lbs of weight

Wind/Unwind Machine

Three QCI motors and QCI controllers working together via CANopen in wind/unwind application.

Return of the Direct Drive Belt

A redo of our original Direct Drive belt for our viewers who believe our original was too good to be true. Now with added charted background for non-dithering ability reference.

Automated Testing - Pick and Place

Three QCI controllers driving three 3rd party motors in close-loop mounted to a 3-axis stage. The maser controller, the Z-Axis, transmits target position information via CANopen.

Additional Direct Drive Capabilities

Direct drive (no gear box) servo system operating belt actuator with widely varying loads – no load up to 50 lbs of weight horizontally and 15 lbs vertically.

Servo Spiral

Creating a spiral with the help of a 3-axis stage. Three motors and three controllers interact via CAN to produce a smooth motion.

3-Axis CNC

Coordinated axes control for and NC wood router. Motors are divers via step and direction with electronic gearing.

Transmotec Linear Actuator

Demonstrates QuickSilver’s SilverDust controller driving a Transmotex linear actuator with encoder feedback.

Coive Coil Linear Actuator

Demonstrating a controller driving a voice coil linear actuator with analog feedback.

Musical Motor

QuickSilver ControlsNEM 17 I-Grade Motor singing Ode to Joy.

Motion Capabilities

This video demonstrates QuickSilver Controls’ various motion capabilities.

10-Axis Wind Tunnel/Gust Generator

Nine slaved axes follow one master encoder, mapped via CANopen. Ability to adjust and axis’ peace to randomize wind patterns.

Nema 11 - 2500:1 Inertial Mistmatch

QuickSilver’s NEMA 11 servo motor with over-side flywheel. Demonstrates Quicksilver’s huge inertial mismatch capability.

NEMA 17 - 500:1 Inertial Mismatch

Small NEMA 17 Frame servo motor with over-sized flywheel. Demonstrates Quicksilver’s huge inertial mismatch capabilities.

NEMA 23 - 2300:1 Inertial Mismatch

QuickSilver’s NEMA 23 servo motor with over-sized flywheel. Demonstrates QuickSilver’s huge inertial mismatch capability.

Servo Motor and Voice Coil in Synchronous Operation

Demonstrates the flexibility of our SilverSterling controll line by controlling a servo motor and voice coil in a synchronous operation.

For more in-depth information go to our Downloads page for SilverLode User Manual and Command Reference Manuals.

00 - 10 Minutes to Motion

A 10 Minute video to accompany our Quick Start to Motion Guide.

01 - Initialize Your Controller

This video guides you through the steps to configure and initialize your controller.

02 - Downloading Your Fir

Introduction to our QuickControl programming software.

03 - Home to a Hardstop

How to program a home to hardstop.

04 - Home to a Sensor

How to home to a sensor input.

05 - Expand Your Program

How to add flexibility to your programs.

06 - Utilizing QuickControl's Tools

Describes some useful tools provided by QuickControl.

07 - Pre-programmed Examples

Describes some of the program examples included with QuickControl.

08 - Using Digital Inputs

How to use input to start/stop programs and motions.

For more in-depth information go to our Downloads page for SilverLode CANopen User Manual.

01 - Introduction to CAN Hardware
SilverMax Integrated Hybrid Servo