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January 15 2024 | Don Labriola

QuickSilver’s servo motors used to raise and lower the sides of the bed on the 2008


Toyota partnered with Italian sports- and racing-motorcycle maker Ducati to create the one of a kind motorcycle transport for the 2008 SEMA show. This truck featured Ducati’s Desmosedici in the bed and had very cool new features not yet seen on full size pickups.

The designed called for a motorized ramp which loaded/unloaded the motorcycle. The motorized bedsides Iipped up revealing a full compliment of tools, parts, spares and related equipment. QuickSilver Controls manufactured the servo motor for these Iip sides.

“It’s designed to be the ultimate track-day transport,” said Warren Victor, project manager for Toyota’s Tundra and Tacoma SEMA trucks. “We wanted to build a truck that would be the best showcase for Ducati’s ‘Desmo’ $70K MotoGP bike.”

“(The sides of the bed are) utilitarian from the standpoint that this storage feature is extremely functional,” Victor said. “But when you close the bedsides and Iip it around, it doesn’t look like a service body in the least, or even a work truck. You can’t tell anything has been done to it.”

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